Tungsten Inert Gas Welding and Art


Designing with a welding machine is possible if you know the right technique to use. With a TIG welding machine from https://weldingchamps.com/best-welder-for-home-use-mig-tig-stick/, you can easily produce artworks that will make everyone (including yourself) impressed.

Here’s how you can do that:

Step 1: Outline your artwork


The first thing to do is to make sure you know what you’ll create. Don’t lay the first tack welds yet. Sketch the workpiece using pen and paper so you’ll have a guide later on. Doing this will ensure that each weld is where it should be.

Step 2: Weld comfortably

When I say comfortably, I mean you should learn to relax while you weld. It’s easier said than done, but some secrets could help you weld comfortably. For one, breathe normally while welding. Don’t hold your breath—this is a common mistake beginners make especially when they’re TIG welding. The other secret is to pay close attention to your hands and shoulders while you grip the torch. Loosen up! Your shoulders shouldn’t be tight and arched up. Your hands shouldn’t be squeezing the TIG torch too. Practice being relaxed and applying proper posture to come up with the best pieces of artwork. You should also trust the TIG technique. After all, it’s the best method for creating welding art.

Step 3: Clean the metal

You should also correctly clean the metal to produce strong welds with no defects (like porosity). Use emery cloth to get rid of oxides, and use alcohol to remove grease from streel. The fabric you’ll use should also be clean. Whatever it is you’re working on, don’t ever skip this step.

Step 4: Adjust the settings

TIG-welderYou should have the correct amperage and heat control to be able to weld an exquisite design. Fortunately, you can figure this out through trial and error. Just remember that steel and aluminum demand different settings. Five amps should be sufficient when you’re welding steel. I recommend you also pulse on a welder that has DC capacities to control the heat input.

Step 5: Use the correct filler metal and tungsten sizes

TIG-welding-designFinally, before you proceed to the welding process, be sure you’re about to utilize the right sizes of tungsten and filler metal. Being certain will also guarantee that you’ll have adequate heat and filler metal to accomplish the design you’re working on. Being certain removes the possibility of creating sloppy welds caused by warping the metal with excessive heat or adding too many materials.


As a TIG welder, you should keep these five steps in mind, especially when you’re designing.

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