Pool Cleaner Designs That Will Fire Up Your Creativity


Need something to inspire you in your designing process? Check out how these cleaners are designed and I’m sure you’ll be able to come up with a design you need regardless of what it is you’re trying to achieve.

Zodiac T5 Duo Suction


From this cleaner, the design principle you can get is: Be different. Zodiac T5 doesn’t look like a typical pool cleaner, you see, which is why it’s the best definition of “uniqueness.” In designing, you have to go beyond the norm—it’s almost a rule. If you want to be creative, then learn from this cleaner which combined two features. Because of the combination, this cleaner has become more effective in cleaning pools of all surfaces. Who knows? Maybe you only needed to merge two old or overlooked designs to produce a new design that’s creative and useful?

The Navigator

navigatorSimple yet bold. This is what this cleaner’s design is about. Creative designing doesn’t always have to include lots of features. As the saying claims, “Simplicity is beauty.” The Navigator by Hayward encourages a design that’s straightforward and easy on the eyes. But don’t underestimate this cleaner! It features an exclusive SmartDrive programmed setting which guarantees maximum performance. It’s attractive because it looks intelligent. It shows that being creative can be equal to being simple. It may not seem as fancy as other cleaners, but it’s bold. It’s as if it has its own statement.

‘Lil Shark

Lil Shark-white-550

Sta-Rite’s ‘Lil Shark embodies the fun way of designing. To be creative, sometimes you have to prioritize entertainment. Designing stuff—whether that’s a shirt, a device, a print material, or others—should be fun. Using your creative mind shouldn’t be that stressful. This pool cleaner inspires designers to have a good time and to think differently. I mean, if a pool cleaner is designed this way and can look as attractive as this, then it’s also possible for you to come up with an aesthetic design for whatever it is you’re working on. ‘Lil Shark also represents that childish yet appealing side of your creativity. Just because it looks like a little shark doesn’t mean it’s only for kids. The uniqueness it offers makes customers interested in it. And when a customer is interested, he or she will check it out. After all, we all need to see something new. So what’s the design principle behind this cleaner? Present something fun and alluring.

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