Headboards: More Than Just Designs


History of Headboards

Have you ever wondered how headboards began? Well, you’d be glad to know that they were created to be more than just a design. In ancient Egypt, they were invented to keep people warm while they slept. Since they are made of wood, they are less thermally conductive compared to brick or stone.

wooden-headboardBack then, if you owned a headboard, it meant you were wealthy because it was a sign of social status, especially if the design was intricate. And those who couldn’t afford an elaborate design made one out of cloth or straw.

It was not until ancient Greece that headboards started having cushions for additional support. This time, headboards began being carved in silver, gold, and ebony.

During the Middle Ages, headboards became a significant depiction of wealth and status. Beds with boards became so expensive, and headboards became even more detailed than ever.

Even today, headboards are treated to be more than just a design. Below are the reasons why you should get one.

Why You Should Get a Headboard

Additional Style


You can add a headboard, and it can bring a drastic change in your room. The most significant part of it is that adding one is hassle-free. Instead of purchasing a new bed or a set of furniture, you can place a headboard instead. Depending on the design, it can go a long way. Now, people can get impressed when they step into your bedroom.


Headboards can keep you warm at night. If you’ve read the history section above, you already know that they were constructed for that practical purpose. Placing a headboard against a wall or a window can stop the draft from seeping into your bed. A quality wooden board can prevent cold air from reaching you at night while you sleep so that you can say goodbye to achy neck and shoulders in the morning.


Headboards are more cost-effective than an entirely new bed frame. Nowadays, you can buy a headboard that looks expensive but is really cheap. In fact, you can make one elegant board without having to spend much! You can read more about it here. Of course, if you’re going to DIY, you’ll need the right tools like a planer to even out the board’s surface. So be sure to visit Healthy Handyman.

Back Support


Are you an avid reader? Then a back support while you’re reading a book is an excellent idea! A good book can’t be enjoyed if your back is suffering. A comfy headboard, however, can solve that issue. Every reading time would be a pleasant experience for your mind and body. How cool is that? Plus, you won’t have trouble with your back while enjoying breakfast in bed. You’ll be surprised by how a simple yet comfortable headboard can make leaning way easier.

Cover Up

Lastly, headboards are practical solutions for covering up marks, stains, or dents on your wall. Aside from being able to hide the impurities of your wall, a headboard can even prevent any dent or stain on your wall. Having no headboard with stains on your wall is not exactly a good experience, you know. Your hair and back will suffer the dirt or uneasiness. It’s best to get a headboard and stop thinking about those marks and holes.

So you see, headboards aren’t just for designs, they offer practicality too!

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