Habits that Boost Creativity

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Hitting the proverbial creative wall happens to anyone. There are days when inspiration may seem more elusive. Getting some work done when creativity is at its low is tough, but not impossible. Here are some habits that boost creativity that may prove handy when you are in need of creative inspirations.

Mindfulness. A sense of awareness promotes creativity. And one of the best ways to develop it is to practice mindfulness. Pay more attention to things going around you. Take time to fully experience moments instead of rushing from one activity to another. Keep your senses in tune and make mental notes of details and things you see around you.

Mental exercises. Make time for brain exercises or games that will challenge the way you think and see things. Explore new things by learning a new skill, read up to soak in more information, and open your mind to new ideas.

Look beyond the usual. One of the best exercises to boost your creativity is to explore possibilities. For instance, you can use your imagination to think of as many possible uses as you can to any object in your room. Seek ways to find solutions to problems or consider novel ways to use the things around you.

Find connections. You can find connections in everyday things if you take the time to look and process them. Thinking of possible associations or trying to connect seemingly disparate things can lead to some interesting insights that can tap your creativity.

Spend time with nature. There is a lot of creative inspiration to be found if you pay more attention to your natural environment. It is also one of the best ways to refresh your mind or simply quiet it down. Schedule some time to disconnect from your digital life and reconnect with nature. You will find that there is no shortage of interesting things to do when you spend more time outdoors.

Stay curious. Tap into your inner child. Stay curious and let your imagination soar. Do fun things, find something interesting around you, and pursue things that spark your curiosity. Rediscovering or harnessing the child in you can help in tapping into your creativity.

Mental imagery. Visualizing is a great way to develop creativity. Create mental images of things or events that you can picture clearly in your head. Make imageries as detailed as possible. Building a visualization habit makes it easier for you to picture ideas in your mind and find patterns you may otherwise miss.

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