Be More Inspired With ArtSplash!


By definition, art is “the expression or the application of human creativity and imagination to produce works MOSTLY appreciated for its beauty and emotion.” In other words, it’s something we do to express our feelings – be it happiness or sadness, inspiration or confusion, love or hate, and more.

But then again, we all know how art can mostly be – even from before.

Fret not, though! Today, art can be done purely for enjoyment. No lingering feelings of sadness, confusion, or hate. Just pure happiness, inspiration, and love for what you’re doing or will be doing.

And it’s all thanks to ArtSplash…

Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

Located in Hastings, Barbados, ArtSplash is an art centre, gallery, café, and play park in one. They are best known to offer private art classes for kids-at-heart and exclusive art camps for kids. There’s also a paint club for both adults and teenagers, wherein one can explore his/her skills more in painting. Their private art classes are done with a fun take on drink night, wherein one can learn more about painting with wine and friends. Their exclusive art camps, on the other hand, are done with a more fun take on summer camps – wherein one can learn more about painting and other art forms such as drawing and clay working. What’s more, kids can do this outdoors – along with other fun games and activities such as baking and treasure hunting.

ArtSplash also has an art gallery, wherein exhibitions from both local and aspiring artists are held. Moreover, the art centre has its very own café – where they offer a healthy range of dishes, as well as fresh juices and refreshing smoothies (just like what you can make at home with a juicer or a blender like those seen in They are also best known for serving Lavazza coffee and having a picturesque veranda overlooking the Caribbean Sea across. Furthermore, the art centre has a play park – where one can go zip lining, tent jumping, frame climbing, and more. The play park is also a perfect setting for birthday parties and baby showers, complete with a sumptuous menu and fun activities. Just sit back, relax, and let the event planners take care of everything.

With these features in ArtSplash, you’ll definitely be more inspired than ever.

Have you ever been to ArtSplash Art Center? How did it go? Let us know what you’ve experienced there on the comments section below!

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