Habits that Boost Creativity

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Hitting the proverbial creative wall happens to anyone. There are days when inspiration may seem more elusive. Getting some work done when creativity is at its low is tough, but not impossible. Here are some habits that boost creativity that may prove handy when you are in need of creative inspirations.

Mindfulness. A sense of awareness promotes creativity. And one of the best ways to develop it is to practice mindfulness. Pay more attention to things going around you. Take time to fully experience moments instead of rushing from one activity to another. Keep your senses in tune and make mental notes of details and things you see around you.

Mental exercises. Make time for brain exercises or games that will challenge the way you think and see things. Explore new things by learning a new skill, read up to soak in more information, and open your mind to new ideas.

Look beyond the usual. One of the best exercises to boost your creativity is to explore possibilities. For instance, you can use your imagination to think of as many possible uses as you can to any object in your room. Seek ways to find solutions to problems or consider novel ways to use the things around you.

Find connections. You can find connections in everyday things if you take the time to look and process them. Thinking of possible associations or trying to connect seemingly disparate things can lead to some interesting insights that can tap your creativity.

Spend time with nature. There is a lot of creative inspiration to be found if you pay more attention to your natural environment. It is also one of the best ways to refresh your mind or simply quiet it down. Schedule some time to disconnect from your digital life and reconnect with nature. You will find that there is no shortage of interesting things to do when you spend more time outdoors.

Stay curious. Tap into your inner child. Stay curious and let your imagination soar. Do fun things, find something interesting around you, and pursue things that spark your curiosity. Rediscovering or harnessing the child in you can help in tapping into your creativity.

Mental imagery. Visualizing is a great way to develop creativity. Create mental images of things or events that you can picture clearly in your head. Make imageries as detailed as possible. Building a visualization habit makes it easier for you to picture ideas in your mind and find patterns you may otherwise miss.

Headboards: More Than Just Designs


History of Headboards

Have you ever wondered how headboards began? Well, you’d be glad to know that they were created to be more than just a design. In ancient Egypt, they were invented to keep people warm while they slept. Since they are made of wood, they are less thermally conductive compared to brick or stone.

wooden-headboardBack then, if you owned a headboard, it meant you were wealthy because it was a sign of social status, especially if the design was intricate. And those who couldn’t afford an elaborate design made one out of cloth or straw.

It was not until ancient Greece that headboards started having cushions for additional support. This time, headboards began being carved in silver, gold, and ebony.

During the Middle Ages, headboards became a significant depiction of wealth and status. Beds with boards became so expensive, and headboards became even more detailed than ever.

Even today, headboards are treated to be more than just a design. Below are the reasons why you should get one.

Why You Should Get a Headboard

Additional Style


You can add a headboard, and it can bring a drastic change in your room. The most significant part of it is that adding one is hassle-free. Instead of purchasing a new bed or a set of furniture, you can place a headboard instead. Depending on the design, it can go a long way. Now, people can get impressed when they step into your bedroom.


Headboards can keep you warm at night. If you’ve read the history section above, you already know that they were constructed for that practical purpose. Placing a headboard against a wall or a window can stop the draft from seeping into your bed. A quality wooden board can prevent cold air from reaching you at night while you sleep so that you can say goodbye to achy neck and shoulders in the morning.


Headboards are more cost-effective than an entirely new bed frame. Nowadays, you can buy a headboard that looks expensive but is really cheap. In fact, you can make one elegant board without having to spend much! You can read more about it here. Of course, if you’re going to DIY, you’ll need the right tools like a planer to even out the board’s surface. So be sure to visit Healthy Handyman.

Back Support


Are you an avid reader? Then a back support while you’re reading a book is an excellent idea! A good book can’t be enjoyed if your back is suffering. A comfy headboard, however, can solve that issue. Every reading time would be a pleasant experience for your mind and body. How cool is that? Plus, you won’t have trouble with your back while enjoying breakfast in bed. You’ll be surprised by how a simple yet comfortable headboard can make leaning way easier.

Cover Up

Lastly, headboards are practical solutions for covering up marks, stains, or dents on your wall. Aside from being able to hide the impurities of your wall, a headboard can even prevent any dent or stain on your wall. Having no headboard with stains on your wall is not exactly a good experience, you know. Your hair and back will suffer the dirt or uneasiness. It’s best to get a headboard and stop thinking about those marks and holes.

So you see, headboards aren’t just for designs, they offer practicality too!

Pool Cleaner Designs That Will Fire Up Your Creativity


Need something to inspire you in your designing process? Check out how these cleaners are designed and I’m sure you’ll be able to come up with a design you need regardless of what it is you’re trying to achieve.

Zodiac T5 Duo Suction


From this cleaner, the design principle you can get is: Be different. Zodiac T5 doesn’t look like a typical pool cleaner, you see, which is why it’s the best definition of “uniqueness.” In designing, you have to go beyond the norm—it’s almost a rule. If you want to be creative, then learn from this cleaner which combined two features. Because of the combination, this cleaner has become more effective in cleaning pools of all surfaces. Who knows? Maybe you only needed to merge two old or overlooked designs to produce a new design that’s creative and useful?

The Navigator

navigatorSimple yet bold. This is what this cleaner’s design is about. Creative designing doesn’t always have to include lots of features. As the saying claims, “Simplicity is beauty.” The Navigator by Hayward encourages a design that’s straightforward and easy on the eyes. But don’t underestimate this cleaner! It features an exclusive SmartDrive programmed setting which guarantees maximum performance. It’s attractive because it looks intelligent. It shows that being creative can be equal to being simple. It may not seem as fancy as other cleaners, but it’s bold. It’s as if it has its own statement.

‘Lil Shark

Lil Shark-white-550

Sta-Rite’s ‘Lil Shark embodies the fun way of designing. To be creative, sometimes you have to prioritize entertainment. Designing stuff—whether that’s a shirt, a device, a print material, or others—should be fun. Using your creative mind shouldn’t be that stressful. This pool cleaner inspires designers to have a good time and to think differently. I mean, if a pool cleaner is designed this way and can look as attractive as this, then it’s also possible for you to come up with an aesthetic design for whatever it is you’re working on. ‘Lil Shark also represents that childish yet appealing side of your creativity. Just because it looks like a little shark doesn’t mean it’s only for kids. The uniqueness it offers makes customers interested in it. And when a customer is interested, he or she will check it out. After all, we all need to see something new. So what’s the design principle behind this cleaner? Present something fun and alluring.

Want to check more cleaners? Visit Poolcleanerhub.com.

Tungsten Inert Gas Welding and Art


Designing with a welding machine is possible if you know the right technique to use. With a TIG welding machine from https://weldingchamps.com/best-welder-for-home-use-mig-tig-stick/, you can easily produce artworks that will make everyone (including yourself) impressed.

Here’s how you can do that:

Step 1: Outline your artwork


The first thing to do is to make sure you know what you’ll create. Don’t lay the first tack welds yet. Sketch the workpiece using pen and paper so you’ll have a guide later on. Doing this will ensure that each weld is where it should be.

Step 2: Weld comfortably

When I say comfortably, I mean you should learn to relax while you weld. It’s easier said than done, but some secrets could help you weld comfortably. For one, breathe normally while welding. Don’t hold your breath—this is a common mistake beginners make especially when they’re TIG welding. The other secret is to pay close attention to your hands and shoulders while you grip the torch. Loosen up! Your shoulders shouldn’t be tight and arched up. Your hands shouldn’t be squeezing the TIG torch too. Practice being relaxed and applying proper posture to come up with the best pieces of artwork. You should also trust the TIG technique. After all, it’s the best method for creating welding art.

Step 3: Clean the metal

You should also correctly clean the metal to produce strong welds with no defects (like porosity). Use emery cloth to get rid of oxides, and use alcohol to remove grease from streel. The fabric you’ll use should also be clean. Whatever it is you’re working on, don’t ever skip this step.

Step 4: Adjust the settings

TIG-welderYou should have the correct amperage and heat control to be able to weld an exquisite design. Fortunately, you can figure this out through trial and error. Just remember that steel and aluminum demand different settings. Five amps should be sufficient when you’re welding steel. I recommend you also pulse on a welder that has DC capacities to control the heat input.

Step 5: Use the correct filler metal and tungsten sizes

TIG-welding-designFinally, before you proceed to the welding process, be sure you’re about to utilize the right sizes of tungsten and filler metal. Being certain will also guarantee that you’ll have adequate heat and filler metal to accomplish the design you’re working on. Being certain removes the possibility of creating sloppy welds caused by warping the metal with excessive heat or adding too many materials.


As a TIG welder, you should keep these five steps in mind, especially when you’re designing.

The Art Advantage of Owning a Coffee Maker with Grinder


Been searching for a coffee maker that will accommodate your creativity skills? Get yourself a coffee maker with a grinder!

DeLonghi-ESAM3300-Magnifica-4-300x300A two-in-one device can help you experiment with various types of coffee beans and brew strengths because it has strength settings that allow you to choose how strong your coffee will taste. A high-end coffee maker with a grinder even comes with a steam spout to make sure you can make the steam for your cappuccinos and lattes. Because what better way to show your design and creativity skill than making attractive frothing milk on top of your coffee?

If you want to fire up your creative mind, getting a coffee maker with a grinder is the best choice for you. Aside from being able to be your own coffee foam designer, you can also be innovative with the different grind settings available. These parameters allow you to achieve different kinds of texture consistency, perfect for any coffee artist.


The possibilities of design are almost endless when you have a multitasking machine that makes every art experiment easy for you. Achieve more with a device that can do a lot more than just simple brewing and typical grinding!

latte-coffee-cup-artBe more productive as a coffee artist. Be more addicted to the making of coffee. Be more creative as a coffee drinker. With a coffee maker + grinder, be more than the coffee enthusiast you thought you were!

Get your magical coffee maker plus grinder in https://coffee-channel.com/best-coffee-makers-with-grinders today, and be as inventive as you can be!

How CS:GO Trading Bots Work


Did you know that you could be creative in CS:GO? You just have to use trade bots to get unique, great-looking skins!


By definition, bots utilize technical review coupled with machine learning in order to generate the best trading strategies to exploit the market. Bots follow a few set of rules compared to a human trader, and these rules dictate the way the bots work.

CS:GO Trading Bots


Trading bots in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive enable gamers to swap their skins efficiently—that means quickly and safely. Trades can be done with ease since these bots are instant trading tools which allow players to exchange knives, keys, and of course, skins.

Some websites also permit players to select the items they wish to get through adjusting the bot filters. Individuals can also deposit skins first before they can swap items and get other skins.

Know more about trading in cstrading.

How to Avoid Scammers

The digital era has stored up lot of advantages for us, but along with it comes drawbacks too. For instance, scammers have become large in number that they are considered common. Trade bot scams exist too, which means CS:GO isn’t exempted from the curse of the internet’s accessibility.

To avoid scammers, you should know how to identify them.


You know they’re trying to make the better of you when they send you a link, telling you that it’s the photo of what they’re offering, or any words similar to that. Then, once you click, the scammer will instantly obtain the password of your Steam account. Take note: These scammers are intelligent and tech-savvy, which means they probably have flowery words in mind to use against you.

These links can’t be accessed on Steam only; you can even find links like these on YouTube channels, so you have to be extremely cautious. Just remember not to click if you’re not sure about where it came from.

Trading bot scammers sometimes use fake Steam accounts too. After adding you, they post a trade, then work their way to trick you. These accounts usually utilize pictures of women, and their names are either too simple or uncommon such as Chris/Bob or qwerty123654. If their names look weird, don’t make a trade with them.

Also, you have to check whether they have games. Trade bot scammers almost always have no games listed in their profiles and have no items in their inventory. Sounds fishy, right?

In a nutshell, all you got to do is avoid suspicious stuff—accounts and links—and you’ll be all right.

Natural Ways to Stay Grounded When Things Get Stressful


Stress and anxiety create negativity and needless worries that could weigh you down. While a lot of worries are all in the mind, they can still impact your life in many ways if left unchecked. Luckily, there are natural ways to keep yourself grounded when things get stressful. Here are a few ideas how.

Breathe. The moment your thoughts or worries make you feel overwhelmed, just take a deep breath and feel your tension ease away. Breathe deep and avoid rushing through the process. Feel your body relax and use the time to calm your mind.

Distract yourself. One of the best ways to stop anxiety quickly is to divert your attention. Get up and do something positive. Keep moving as you immerse yourself in something relaxing, fun, or any pursuit that takes your mind off whatever that is worrying you. Do some art for mindfulness activities like using adult coloring books to unleash your creativity while enjoying its soothing effects.

Enjoy moments of stillness. There is a time to keep moving and a time to be still. Give yourself that moment to slow down your mind and body. Find a private moment to quiet your thoughts. Use your time to practice deep breathing exercises, meditate, and allow the negative effects of anxiety slowly seep away.

Tune out the negative thoughts. Negative thoughts only make problems seem bigger than they really are. You have to put a stop to unhelpful thinking. Avoid dwelling on your worries or fears. Instead, focus on whatever bit of good you can find.

Inspiring Yourself To Be More Creative


Being creative is not just about making ideas. It’s about making ideas into a reality. Being creative is also not just about making things. It’s about making things vivid than usual.

Even more so, being creative is about you – who you are and what you are capable of, both fused into one heck of a masterpiece that represents your innermost feelings.

Thus, it’s only right for you to inspire yourself to be more creative – not just for you to make ideas into a reality or make things vivid than usual, but also for you to figure out who you really are and what you are truly capable of.


Here are some ways:


Travelling is not just about seeing what you’ve only seen from pictures. Travelling is also not just about experiencing what you’ve only heard from people. It’s about seeing for yourself the wonders of Mother Nature up close. It’s also about experiencing for yourself the miracles of Mother Nature in person. Even more so, it’s about learning more about a place like no other – how rich its history is, how vibrant its culture is, and how diverse its people are. All these should be more than enough reasons to get your creative juice flowing like never before.


Not sure who you really are just yet? Not sure what you are truly capable of just yet? Why don’t you find yourself while volunteering for a cause? You see, if there’s one great thing people are known for, it’s loving others like no one else can do. You also see, if there’s one great thing people are capable of, it’s loving others with all their heart. That’s what volunteering can do for you. That’s what volunteering is about. As they say, love is all we have. This alone should be more than enough reason to get your creative juice flowing like never before.